Vivek Madappa

Worked in the corporate for 15 years. Specialised in building award winning brands. 12 years as an entrepreneur, building successful ventures in digital travel, hospitality, education, health care and food retail.

Dr. Devaiah

Is a leading dentist in Bangalore for 25 years. Worked in Switzerland and built the first Mobile dental clinic in India.

Team MobiDent

Team MobiDent

Includes 40 dentists, support staff and back office who have worked with faith & dedication the last 4 years believing in an idea most thought was ridiculous. Salute to the team.

  • 7 Indian Cities
  • 1 International City
  • 40 Dentists
  • 15 Leading Hospitals
  • 400+ Companies
  • 250 Homes
  • 65,000 Patients