The global world is slowly embracing “Digital Currency” . MobiDent in partnership with Dentacoin is helping dentists to learn and understand the future of dental currency...

For every purchase of CADDY CLINIC. You will get "5% in Value refund" as DENTACOIN in your Crypto wallet.





For every purchase of CADDY CLINIC. You will get 5% of value of your purchase converted into DENTACOIN and transferred into you wallet..

"How to receive 5% discount and claim your reward in Dentacoin (DCN) cryptocurrency:

  1. Register on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews: and connect your profile to Mobident!
  2. When asked for it, please enter your wallet address - this is where your reward in Dentacoin (DCN) cryptocurrency will be transferred.
  3. Accept Dentacoin as a payment method for your services.
  4. Submit a proof of purchase (paid invoice) plus a scanned copy of your dentist certificate.

Your reward will be sent 30 days after purchasing the product. " .