How can Caddy Clinic help?

Lady Dentists

Often give up dentistry as investment in a new clinic is Rs.12,00,000/-.

Dental Students

Starting their career, wanting to be successful & financially independent.

Dentists with Clinics

Who wish to provide children,  parents and senior citizens dental care at home.

#Digital Dentistry Revolution - Manifesto

We will earn awe, admiration & respect, by creating a new identity for ourselves as the 'protector of family's health'.

We will offer 'preventive dental care' that is affordable and accessible to all.

We will be financially independent and successful by contributing our talents to our society, country and global community.


Body Odour 30 years back, consumers were not aware about body odour. Till perfumes, deodorants, colognes revolutionized consumer behavior.

Hand sanitiser 5 years back, cosumers washed their hand. Till hand sanitizers became a necessity.

Is Oral Hygiene & Dental Care NEXT?

Join this exciting journey and ignite change!