How MADD can support YOU in YOUR journey?

Digital Technology

  • Manage your clinic
  • Schedule your appointments
  • Connect with your patients

Patient Centric Training

  • Building consumers trust and connection

Clinic Management

  • Soft skill training
  • Communication & presentation

Financial Management

  • Financial Management
  • Financial planning
  • Tax planning
  • Cost management
  • Sourcing
  • Profit & loss

For Lady Dentist & Dental Students

  • MADD will train you and assist you in finding jobs at a hospitals / clinics
  • MADD will help you set up your own Mobile Clinic..
  • MADD will help you in relocating your practice if you shift to a new town
  • MADD will help you find well trained support staff to kick start your career
  • MADD will provide you with a library of videos for learning new skills in dentistry
  • For final year dental students MADD will help in internship and final placement at hospitals or clinics

We will help you complete 2,500 procedures in 2 years at hospitals, clinics and community dentistry. So that you are confident to start you own dental clinic.

For Dentist with Clinics

  • MADD will invest in marketing to create awareness
  • MADD will help you find well trained junior dentists & support if you need to expand your practice..
  • MADD will provide you with a library of videos for new skills in dentistry
  • MADD will provide you support if you are on vacation to your clinic functional
  • MADD will be organising seminars; training programmes for new skill acquisition & development as part of your career growth
  • MADD will help you with online procurement and door delivery of equipment, instruments, materials at special prices through global sourcing
How to be financially independent & successful as a DIGI DENTIST