Our Story

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Whether you’re a child or a full grown adult, there’s always a reason to avoid the dentist:

  • Can brave the pain, just not the traffic.
  • Why do the dentist’s gloves have to smell that way?
  • Erm, I just went to the dentist’s like 2 years ago.

No matter what your age or sex, whether you’re a tea drinker or coffee drinker, cat person or dog person, it’s imperative to see the dentist twice a year. This keeps plaque build-ups and decays at bay, and your dental bills paltry in comparison. Neglect only leads to bills and procedures that make nobody but the clinics happy.


Enter MobiDent – the portable clinic-in-a suitcase. We’re revolutionizing dental care, making it:

The result: a healthier attitude towards oral health, a healthier mouth and a healthier body. Because, after all. The mouth is the gateway to good health.