It’s great, would recommend more of you to use this feedback.
Gautam Nambishan, CEO UKN properties Pvt ltd
The report looks very professional and I am really impressed with your creation. Now that I am back I can start connecting you with my friends , let me know how you would like to start.
Sanjay Padode, Director IFIM Business School
Hello Dr.Devaiah, I would like to extend my appreciation for the services you rendered. It was a very sincere effort from your end in creating awareness among our JDA associates. We truly appreciate your gesture. We would definitely want you to come back, I will let you know our plans for the wellness check, apart from that you can also make a 6 month visit which will be due in Feb 2012.
Swapna Nagaraj, HR
Pleased to note that Logica is really impressed with your which you had given us at our doorstep in the month of Nov-Dec. The final Report was also very useful and satisfactory. Logica would like to have your dental service every quarter and I would like to understand your opinion as well. Please revert to me at the earliest.
Pavitha Nandhagopal, Project Management Office HR
I am very impressed with the onsite dental check up facility set up at GWS!!! Dentists were very professional and I got my cavities filled in no time. Thanks for organizing this and managing it in a way our daily schedule was not interrupted. I have been postponing my dentists visit for over 2 years now and I can’t believe its done today -Thanks to you guys!!!
Vidya, HR -Pay & Benefits
The Preventive Dental Care initiative by MobiDent is worth more than just applause. I would like to express my gratitude for your superior care, professionalism and friendliness during the Dental Health Check in our campus. With difficulties we face to take time out for even an exercise regime, this clinic on wheels parked in our campus made life very easy for all the employees. The first time I stepped into the van, and still am even more, impressed with each member of the staff. I would like to thank you for educating us with information that we tend to normally neglect. Your mobile clinic is very well designed and equipped. You listened to concerns, examined and answered all questions with a fix as and when necessary. “Simple preventive steps like flossing and right diet is a start to a healthy smile” is my new learning after consulting you. What is more, we neither had to make appointments well in advance, nor drive through crazy traffic to reach you.
Ambika Kariappa